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The PTA is a parent-led charity.  Through a range of events, we raise money to support the children’s education and all-round experience at school. We fund everything from sports equipment & musical instruments, to computers and books for the library.

What We Do

We usually organise a couple of big events every year, like the Winter & Summer Fairs; and have regular, smaller events like cake & uniform sales. We aim to raise around £10,000 a year and work with the senior staff to decide where these funds should go.

You can find out more about out fundraising events or get in touch if you want to know more about how the money is spent.

Who We Are

We’re every parent and carer at the school: everyone is automatically a member, there’s no formal sign-up. Everything we do is planned and staffed by parents and carers who volunteer, with invaluable help from the staff.

The PTA is run a Chair, (Sophie, Yr3), Secretary (Sian Yr4), Treasurer (Nienke Y5) and usually 2-3 committee members, but currently only Anna (Yr5)

In every class we  have a rep, who lets other parents know what the PTA is up to. If you don’t know who your class rep is, you may not have one! Please get in touch if there’s something specific you want to know or you might be interested in the role.

We need a new Chair, Secretary and Committee

By the end of Summer Term 2022, we need a new  Chair & a Secretary, who, as trustees of the charity, have some fixed responsibilities. And 2-3 committee members, who don’t have such formal roles but help get things done. (Nienke, the Treasurer, is staying on). Together, they decide what to do and make sure it happens.

It’s very rewarding. You’re doing something good & enjoyable while you make friends and connections across the school.  As Chair or Secretary, you’re also running a small voluntary organisation, which can be great for your professional development. And you’ll find out more about what really happens at school than your kids will ever tell you!

There’s lots more information about the roles and what they involve here.

 I am the current Chair. If you might be interested in any of the roles, please email me (Sophie) via the and I can explain a bit more and find out what you’d like to do.

We’re going to bring all the people who are interested together at the end of June to talk about how it can work with the new committee and who’d like to do what. If no-one comes forward, the PTA will effectively stop running at the end of the summer. So please get involved if you can!



Even if you don't want to be on the committee - we still want your help!. You can get involved in a big or small way. Because we’re all parents and carers, we know that people can’t make big commitments – but even a little bit of help now and then is brilliant. You’ll be raising money for a very good cause, and it’s a great way to get to know people across the school.

Get in touch

Please e-mail us on if you’d like to know more about anything we do, if you’re interested in helping out or if you’d like to go on the PTA email, which gives advance notice about what we’re up to.




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