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Our Vision, Our Resolutions and British Values

We believe that our new Vision statement and our Rushmore Resolutions encapsulate the very best of British values.

Click here to find out more about how we promote British values through our curriculum.

Our Vision

At Rushmore we grow exceptional people!

Our children come to us as unique seedlings; our dedicated staff nurture and protect each of them, giving everyone the best chance to spread their branches and stand tall.

Together, we blossom and grow a thriving community where we enjoy learning from each other and with each other.

Rooted by their knowledge and values, our children are ready to make their mark in the world beyond.

Our Resolutions

We take pride in our learning and achieve our best 

We commit to learning and achievement as individuals. We honour and respect all other individuals and their capacity to learn and achieve. We prize learning and achievement individually and collectively.

We are positive, honest and appreciative

We are open and honest and we have integrity. We believe in creating a positive community environment. We know that only through honest and open dialogue do we find the truth about each other, our communities and the world. Thus we believe in challenging and open dialogue with others and the freedom of all to express themselves so long as they do not harm others or limit the freedom of others.

We listen to each other and consider each other's feelings

We are tolerant and open. We believe in the right to freedom of thought and of speech. We are also considerate and would not wish to harm or denigrate others.

We treat each other with politeness and respect

We believe in decent fair and open relations with all others. We know that only through fair and equitable treatment of others do we create open, inquisitive, positive and democratic societies.

We take care of each other and look after our school

We believe that it is our duty to take care of and show respect for each other and our environments at all times.

We move around the school quietly, calmly and safely

We are committed to creating a safe and harmonious community, one which is inclusive and orderly, but not oppressive or limiting.