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Welcome to the Rushmore Governors page. This page will tell you who the governors are and what we do.

There are 4 sorts of Governors;

Parent Governors are elected by parents then we have Staff Governors elected by the Teaching & Support Staff then LA Governors who are given to us by the Local Authority and lastly Community Governors who are from the wider community.

At Rushmore we have 2 sub committees:

The Curriculum & Standards and the Finance and Resources Committees. These committees feed back into the full GB meeting. We meet twice a term for Full GB meetings and also committee meetings.

What do school governors do?

  • Supporting the school in planning for the future and setting targets for school improvement
  • Promoting high standards of educational attainment
  • Challenging and supporting the Head Teacher
  • Planning, reviewing and approving  the schools budget
  • Developing and reviewing policies and most importantly monitoring pupil achievement and ensuring standards improve.
  • Participate in the appointment of senior staff (including appointing the Head Teacher) and regulate staff conduct and discipline

Curriculum and Standards Committee
Cat Sutcliffe, Michelle McLeod (Chair), Abbie Maxwell, Lorna Taylor, Nicole Schnappauf, Sam Billington

Finance & Resources Committee
Jonathan Hourigan(Chair), Roger Woolfe, Katherine McCauley, Sarah Perry, Lorna Taylor

Parental Comms WG
Jennifer Staves, Cat Sutcliffe, Simon le Maistre

Linked Governors

Nicole Schnappauf Cat Sutcliffe Michelle McLeod Simon Le Maistre Lorna Taylor
Chair, Safeguarding (inc pupil pastoral) Science, HT PM EYFS Maths, Computing Vice-Chair, PE, HT PM English
Abbie Maxwell Katherine McCauley Danica Verrall Roger Woolfe
Pupil premium and attainment, Equalities

Sam Billington


Jill Cameron

For an overview of governors' information and duties please click here.