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Nursery Rhyme of the Week

Phonological awareness is an important precursor in learning to read. Phonemes are the individual sounds which make up words. Research has proved that listening to and singing nursery rhymes fosters a child's ability to hear and blend sounds, encode and decode words, and to spell phonetically.  Results of this research suggest that knowledge of nursery rhymes enhances children's phonological awareness and sensitivity to individual phonemes and rhyme, and stimulates phonemic skill development.

"Experts in literacy and child development have discovered that if children know eight nursery rhymes by heart by the time they're four years old, they're usually among the best readers by the time they're eight. "
Mem Fox, Reading Magic

In nursery we will be focusing on one nursery rhyme every week. We will return to the ones we have already learned to ensure children have the opportunity to become very familiar with them and build their repertoire of known nursery rhymes. Please help us at home by singing these nursery rhymes with your child to further consolidate their learning.

Autumn Term

Week Beginning 8th November

Week beginning 15th November

Week beginning 22nd November

Week beginning 29th November

Week beginning 6th December

Week Beginning 13th December

Week beginning 20th December

Spring Term

Week beginning 10th January

Week beginning 17th January