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Science at Rushmore

Science Lead: Nikki Taylor



At Rushmore, we believe that Science is a vital part of children’s learning.

Snap Science


Children need to understand the world around them, and importantly, what the world might be like in the future. We aim to provide children with a broad and exciting curriculum which inspires inquisitive thinking and exploration, with a focus on scientific skills as well as scientific knowledge.

We believe that children should be encouraged to challenge their ideas about the world around them, therefore questioning is at the heart of Science at Rushmore. Questioning and critical thinking help children to develop paths towards understanding, a skill which can be applied across all Curriculum subjects.

The profile of science has been raised within the school, with the help of Snap Science. Snap Science is a dynamic, comprehensive programme, packed with inspirational resources, designed to help you deliver outstanding science from years 1-6. 

To aid in raising the profile of science, each year group will attend a science based trip each year which helps make science come alive.

Rushmore will take part in British Science Week March 13th when each class will take part in science workshops throughout the week. This year’s theme is ‘Our Diverse Planet’. During this week, pupils will take place in science learning based on this theme

 Eco Schools

As the world becomes more aware of climate change, so have we here at Rushmore. We have started our journey as a school towards gaining a green flag from Eco Schools. So far, Eco Committee completed an environmental review of the school and they found out that there are 3 major areas that Rushmore can work on to improve the environmental impact.  

The three topics are we are focusing on are: Litter, Global Citizenship and Energy. Together, the Eco Committee have written an action plan to target and develop these areas of weakness.

Upcoming Actions:

Litter: Rushmore will help to keep our school and local environment clean by going on litter picks throughout the year.

Global citizenship: Rushmore will celebrate Earth Day April 22nd 2020 by dressing up as their favourite /Endangered animal and donating a £1 which will go to tree planting charity.

Energy: Rushmore will take part in an energy saving programme Switch Off Fortnight and make pupils aware that saving energy can save the planet