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RE at Rushmore 

RE Lead: Natalie Petzal

RE Teaching

At Rushmore, we aim to ensure children develop their knowledge and understanding of the traditions and culture of the major religions represented in our community.  We encourage children to appreciate and respect the different cultures in today’s society and to ask and reflect on the challenging questions that often arise.  RE lessons also provide opportunities for personal reflection where children can explore their own beliefs (not necessarily religious ones).



 Pupil Survey

This year we conducted a survey with all the pupils from years 1 - 6 to get their views on the teaching of RE - what they like about it and what they would like to see more of or to change.  

 Click here to see the results of the survey and some of the actions being put in place to ensure that RE is meeting the needs and wishes of all our pupils here in Rushmore school

Find out How Rushmore Students Spread JOY in Kindness Week

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 Visits to Places of Worship & Guest Speakers

We ensure we plan lots of trips to visit different places of worship and invite speakers to come and talk to us about their religious practices. Year 2 and 6 had a visit for the Rabbi of the Stoke Newington Synagogue who came to talk to us about the different symbols of Judaism.