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Computing at Rushmore

Computing Lead: Lauren Gilvear

Rushmore Computing is exciting, engaging and creative!

At Rushmore we promote an environment where everyone feels welcome, included, represented and treated fairly. Everyone is encouraged and supported to take part in lessons. 

Computing is an essential life skill and at Rushmore Primary School children know the increasing importance of computing both in the classroom, and in their everyday life. 

The computing curriculum is designed to equip children with the knowledge and the understanding that they will need to be active participants in a digital world. 

We teach children to use their computational thinking skills and design and create their own digital content.

Year 1 Digital Design

Year 5 Coding

Click here to see more examples of children's work

Please click here to see the Rushmore Computing Yearly Overview.

At Rushmore,  we want the children to have as much exposure to learning digital technologies as possible, whilst maintaining a safe environment both in the classroom and online. 

 Purple Mash and Mini Mash

Early Years 

 For the early Years computing curriculum 'Mini Mash' covers seven learning areas, each has range of engaging content and tools that are perfect for individual or group activities.

Purple mash also provides 25 engaging topic packs covering all of the favourite Early Years topics, each containing a range of themed activities and resources. Engagement with these allows children to incorporate and link their computing skills to explore and engage with other curriculum areas
Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

 Key Stage 1 and 2 children continue to use a blended learning approach with 'Purple Mash', to develop their computing skills as well as supporting learning in other curricular areas. 

Open-ended tools allow children's creativity to flourish. Children can create expressive multi-media stories, role play as an astronaut, paint a picture, or compose a multi-instrumental song. The only limit is their imagination! 

A range of games give children an engaging way to practise what they've learnt in maths and English.
Mapped to the curriculum, captivating games support learning from SPAG to times tables.

Online Safety


Every Autumn term children learn about the importance of using the internet safely. Teachers raise awareness of issues surrounding cyber bullying, social networking and digital identity. Children also have a refresher for online safety at the start of every half term. This ensures that all children are exposed to online safety content, even if they join the year later.
Rushmore also celebrates Safer Internet Day every year (this year it was Tuesday 6th February 2024). To celebrate, years 3 - 6 had a visit from Mouse and her friend, who spoke about online behaviour. Children learnt about how actions online can spill into the real world and affect people's emotions. Nursery - year 2 completed lots of different activities (linked to being safe online) in their classrooms. Take a look below at all of the lovely pictures to see how different year groups took part in the day!

Safer Internet Day Feb 2024 

Children are encouraged to use the SMART rules when using the internet.

 Please see the access the links below for more advice for parents and carers on how your child can have a happy and safe experience when using the internet.